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WW2 Katana Mantetsu Sword


Tampa, Florida




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Developed in the 20th century, the Koa Isshin was one of the "showato" or "non-traditional" styles of Japanese sword, where craftsmen deviated in one or more ways from the "traditional" methods. One of the deviations was in the source metal, as the demand for military swords strapped the nation's ability to produce traditional tamahagane steel. At the bottom tier, this included the use of machine-stamped stainless steel for NCO blades, but some of the best blades of the era came from an used railroad tracks. Manufactured to withstand the massive forces brought into play by a moving freight train, rail steel needs to posses impressive hardness and ductility, both vital qualities for a sword blade. The source for the "koa isshin" blades was the rail factories in occupied Manchuria,by Japanese army which were soon acknowledged by swordmakers as some of the best steel for a fighting sword available. .

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